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The Ultimate College Care Package Guide
To Know About Cruising
In The Caribbean
Gas And Energy
Why Gas Costs What It Costs - When gas prices go up, taking your frustration out on the local gas station may be a misdirected blast.
British Petroleum Isn't the Problem - We Are! The Deepwater Horizon explosion is the unavoidable outcome of the twisted relationship that exists between oil companies, politicians and the voting public.
What is Hydrogen-On-Demand? Improving fuel efficiency is not just a good idea, it's a necessity. Here's a readily available technology that delivers efficiency now, not 10 years from now.
Sure, PIGS Are Happy... But, I Wouldn't Want to Be One! When we complain about life, we create the very things we don't like. We need to change our conversations!
FAILURE: The Secret Path To Greatness - Failure can be a bold and creative tool for accomplishing extraordinary results.
New Year's Resolutions: Why They Fail, What You Can Do About It - New Year's Resolutions invoke everything from delight to resignation. But, they can be a positive and fun experience that can change your life.
Caribbean Cruising
Hooked On Cruising (And I Like It!) - It's official! I have a condition, a disorder by some people's assessment. It's called "Caribbean Obsession Disorder", and there really is such a thing. Imagine that!
Frat House or Dream House: Choosing the Right Cruise For You - Choosing the right cruise can be a real crap-shoot, especially if you've never cruised before. Here are some suggestions on what to look for, and what to avoid, when choosing your perfect cruise.
11 Expert Cruising Tips - Some useful, relevant tips and ideas, and other neat stuff you can use to make their cruising experience better.
Social Commentary
Where Are The Leaders? There is a disastrous state of leadership in our national government. Our political system has devolved to a state of territorial agenda, and one-up-manship. That's not good for the leaders of the free world!
The Problem With Christmas - Christmas is too big to be confined to any single ideology. It belongs to all people and to all of history. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, it we just allow it to be.
THE DIXIE CHICKS: Reluctant Warriors in the Battle for America's Soul. The Dixie Chicks have been ridiculed, maligned, slandered, threatened, boycotted and demonized all because they made a simple comment criticizing President Bush's decision to go to war. But, they won't back down. Good for them!
Virginia Tech - Maybe There Is Something We Can Do. The aftermath of the tragic events at Virginia Tech was so shattering - to my reality, my sense of justice and my belief in the goodness of mankind. But there is something we can do, and we ought to do it.
Stay in touch, be supportive, and make life easier for the new college student in your life
Dozens of practical, inexpensive ideas for Care Package items
Neat product ideas specifically for the college crowd
Books about useful topics that your student will actually read!
IWith varying degrees of pride, anxiety, stress and outright fear, you are joining the ranks of College Parents. It’s a new world for, just as it is a new world to the young’ns. Care Packages are every bit as much for the mental well-being of the parents as for the benefit of the kids. It’s a way to have a long-distance conversation with the young one who has left the nest. Instead of words, your communication gets delivered by sending something.
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The Ultimate Gas Saver's Guide
You're Going To Love How Easy It Is To Save A Lot Of Gas!
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You've Been Duped About EPA Mileage Numbers For Your Car
You're Wasting Gas In Ways You Never Thought Of
Government and Special Interests Are NOT The Answer
It’s a sad thing when a whole nation is brought to its economic knees by a dark, yucky goo. But, here we are. Much has been written and moaned about the dreadful state of gas supplies and our ever-increasing addiction to oil. Fingers pointed, curses uttered, lamentations wailed, committee hearings held. We love to blame auto makers,oil companies or Congress. But the truth is, WE are responsible for the situation, and WE can turn things around in a hurry if we're just willing to take a few steps.
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80 pages, paperback,
perfect bound
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Breaking Your MegaGiNormous Rules
You"ve Been Sold A Bill Of Goods. It's Time To Learn The Truth!!
From the earliest days of your life, people have been brainwashing you to believe that there are certain things you just can't have, no matter how much you want or need them! As part of your brainwashing, you have unconsciously constructed a set of rules that help you rationalize the conflict between settling for what you get, and pursuing your dreams.
Those rules have become HUGE for you. In fact, they have become MEGAgiNormous!
The cruel irony of it all is that your rules are NOT REALITY! They are nothing more than cleverly designed propaganda!
The good news is, you can learn how to debunk this destructive propaganda. It doesn't happen overnight, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN!!
Printed Copy - $14.95
205 pages, paperback
perfect bound
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Do The Caribbean With Fred & Sherman: the ultimate cruiser's guidebook
We know what you want to know about cruising to the Caribbean, and we're gonna tell you!
The art and science of cruising. Not specific to a particular ship or itinerary, this guide covers the entire gamut of everything cruising from booking your cruise to getting off the ship when it's all over. We cover every aspect of the cruise experience, including a brief history of how it all started.
There are so many cruising options today it's like being a kid in a candy store, especially if you've never cruised before. This book tells you everything to look for, and what to avoid, when choosing your perfect cruise.
Printed Copy - $12.95
152 pages, paperback,
perfect bound
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The Best Darn Cruise Tips Ever!
This Little Book Will Help You Cruise Like A Pro
We went through our various books and articles, and shared the very best tips we could find about cruising. Then we combined them into an illustrated, easy to follow book.
Our business is to make sure that your cruise is everything it can be. We take a lot of cruises and document everything that happens along the way. And then we write about it.
It’s a shame to lay out $250 - $2,500 on a dreamy cruise vacation only to encounter unnecessary mishaps and inconveniences. So, we're going to help you minimize the likelihood of a bump in the road to your perfect vacation. You will be delighted and amazed at how easy it is to enahnce your cruise experience with these insider tips. Don't even THINK about cruising without this book.
Printed Copy - $6.95 E-book - $1.50
52 pages, paperpback,
perfect bound
Available in both
printed and e-book
Cover & interior can
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10 Mistakes People Make When Cruising
You're going to spend a lot of money on your cruise. Booking the
cruise, shore excursions, booze, shopping before you go and after
you get on board.
You sure don't want all that planning and anticipation to be upended by decisions and choices that could be avoided - if you just knew. Now you do. Printed
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